Do you remember when you first heard about a foundation brush? I do. Guaranteed to give you that AIRBRUSHED skin you'd always longed for…

I don't know about the rest of you but when i first tired it – sadly all i was left with were brushed strokes!

Here in part one of my series on HOW TO APPLY FOUNDATION i'm showing you the way i apply foundation with a foundation brush.

I'm trying to cover all bases here. While some of you may KNOW THIS others may not – so i'm trying to cover all bases with these videos.

Picking a foundation colour is a VERY personally thing. Many brought her own foundation with her (NARS SHEER GLOW) which i used in two of these videos. I'm not a massive fan of NARS SHEER GLOW for whatever reason – but i know many of you love it.

I hope you find this interesting and hopefully learn something.

Thank you for your time.