L.A. Girl HD pro concealers ——- CHANGED INSTAGRAM NAME: barabeautymakeup

– Orange corrector concealer
– Green corrector concealer
– Natural concealer
– Creamy beige concealer

The Orange corrector takes away dark circles

The Green corrector illuminates redness

The Natural concealer I apply on top of the other two to even out before applying the foundation

The creamy beige concealer apply under my eyes after the foundation

Its important to use under eye primer or porefiller before you use any concealers, that evens out all pores and prepares the skin for the concealers.
After you put the concealers and the foundation its also very important to set everything with loose powder. That way the concealer stays on longer without creasing and separating.

Makeup can if you are not careful or don't know the right way to apply it, make you seem older than you are, because when we smile or make any face expressions we get lines around our eyes, the mouth where our smile line is, and sometimes our forhead. And some of the foundation and concealers are more caky or creamy than others and are more likely to crease into these pores if we do not use porfillers, primers and setting powders.

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