Do you want to bring your lips into focus? Try to combine two colors of lipstick and apply them only using your fingers. This will give you a more appealing and natural finish! It’s also a great way to save a couple of minutes of your busy morning!

Tools you will require:

– 2 lipsticks

– Clean fingers

Step 1: Select the lipstick shades

First, choose a finish: matte, gloss or shimmer.
Next, choose two lipstick shades of your liking. One should be lighter than the other.

Step 2: Apply the dark-colored lipstick

Apply a bit of the darker lipstick shade directly from the bullet to your upper and lower lip.
Blend it into the lip with your fingers.

Step 3: Apply the light-colored lipstick

Now it’s time to apply the lighter shade.

Use this one only at the center of your upper and lower lips; then, start padding it in with your fingers to achieve a nice gradient.

Tip: Using the lighter shade at the center of the lip will make your lips appear bigger, but softer, as you have used your fingers for application.

That’s it! How easy was that? Have fun playing around with different shades and finishes while using this technique!

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