In Depth Foundation Routine For Beginners | EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW IN ONE VIDEO!
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Flawless Full Coverage Foundation Routine
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Beginner Makeup Tips & Tricks ►

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Brushes Used By BlankCanvasCosmetics :
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Products used and others :
Face Wash Cleanser |
Daily Toner |
Cleanser Wipes |

Night Moisturiser |
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Eye Gel |
Skin Balm |

Primer | Flormar Illumination Primer
Pore Primer |
Oily Skin Primer |
Acne Skin Primer |
Dry Skin Primer |
Mature Skin Primer |

Primers are also available in different shades to help even the skin tone.

Muli Tasker Primer – for redness and brightening |

Full Corrective Cream Palette |
Green Drugstore Primer |
Green Highend Primer |

Yellow Highend Primer |
Yellow Corrector |
As I mentioned, the colour yellow neutralizes the color red in warm skin tones but can also be used for hiding purple or blue bruises veins, and under eye circles.

Purple, lavender, or lilac Primer |
Purple, lavender, or lilac Corrector |
The colour Purple, lavender, or lilac neutralizes unwanted yellow tones found on the skin and it's great for brightening.

Pink Primer |
Pink HIGHEND primer |
Pink Cream Corrector |
Pink Liquid Corrector |
The colour pink is best for light skin tones that wish brightening around the eye area and masking signs of fatigue.

Orange CREAM Corrector |
Orange LIQUID Corrector |
The colour Orange is best for darker skin tones that wish to hide dark circles or other spots with deep discolouration.

NOTE : When picking the corrector tone we have picked the opposite however you must consider the depth of corrector too (how light or dark it is) use the skin shade for reference, the light you are the pale the corrector, the darker you are the deeper the corrector.

Brushes I used |
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Foundation Highend I used (dry skin) |
Foundation Drugstore I use |
Foundation for Oily Skin |
Foundation for Mature Skin |

Concealer Highend |
Concealer Drugstore |

Setting Powder Highend |
Setting Powder Drugstore |

Setting Spray
Dry | |
Oily | |
Long Lasting |

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