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This is a 3 part series on tips on foundation. This deals with the concept of "adding" in order to take away. The goal (i believe) is to have skin that looks amazing. The emphasis being on skin. Skin that looks like skin but better. Flawless. Amazing. Stunning but not FOUNDATION! And not INSTAGRAM FOUNDATION. I want your skin to look amazing and not like its covered in makeup. For this tip you will need the following:

A: Liquid Foundation or Tinted moisturiser or a Cream Foundation.
B: Oil. Either Jojoba or Almond Oil.

Apply one drop of either either onto your cream foundation or mix a drop of oil in with your liquid foundation (one pump).

Then apply. You skin will glow. Your skin will look like skin and you'll name your first born after me 😉

Thumbs up if you read all of this and share if you really want to make me smile from ear to ear!

I learnt this tip from Scott Barnes – I highly recommend you go to a seminar 🙂 The next one is in in LOS ANGELES Jan 31st, 2015

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